Tejas Ice

Here’s the thing about the coldest temps in decades.

To ME it doesn’t seem that cold. I get exasperated at everyone FREAKING OUT about 17 degrees. The fact that an entire city shut down for 1/4″ of snow accumulation seems really bizarre to me, from a land where drifts are measured in feet.

However, some good points have been made about Tejas, which I’ll now share.

No plows — This area has no plows. Any accumulation lasts longer and is more dangerous as a result.

No salt — Ice stays on the roads. This is actually a bigger deal than accumulation, since pipes (which are not insulated) are bursting on a fairly regular basis.

Finally, although degrees in the teens is no real biggie for me, the weather-hardened Yank (who has been complaining all week to anyone who will listen…) its significance is more appropriate when I compare it with its rarity.

If Montana was experiencing its worst storm in decades that’d be a big deal. So panic over the lowest temps in decades makes sense in that light.

On a side note, the crowds around the ever-icing fountain (surrounded by palm trees) is continuously entertaining. It doesn’t get old.



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