I Made Something

I got a little sewing machine for my birthday. So I went to the local WalMart and bought up some cloth remnants and one of the E-Z-patterns, thinking that it would take me weeks to figure out the simplest of creations.

Three hours later I have a fun new apron and a desire to conquer much, much more. My bloggy friend Kathleen needs to start offering quilting-for-dummies tips. And any of you who have any suggestions or experience with this kind of thing can feel free to suggest away.

I love it. I’m not kidding. I love it. My strange little brain goes to a happy place when those random pieces are coming together.

And the final product is nice, too.



6 thoughts on “I Made Something”

  1. OMG how did I miss this post?!?!?! AWESOME job! And you made pockets too!!! I love that happy place – I know it well. And you want to make a quilt?! SCREEE! (Yes, I am aware I'm a fabric/sewing/quilting geek)

  2. Aunt Jen designed an apron for women with ample bosoms that addresses the problem of the inadequate coverage of the small, flat top piece. She made one for Roselita. You might find it simple but original and very useful (being of ample bosom)!

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