WTF Wednesday: Car Breaks Down; It’s Okay

In a continued effort to live responsibly, we are down to one vehicle for a time. Maybe most of the year. It started out as kind of a necessary evil but has morphed into a fun run.

Here’s one of the reasons:

When the single car we own needs emergency engine service (randomly, covered under warranty, what are the odds?!) WHILE we’re in the city, we can just drop it off and go rent the newest, weirdest cars around without guilt. Then drive it around for a few days. In fact, I am fully prepared to offer a customer review of the Nissan Cube.

Here’s my short (ie: Man) review: big car, tiny engine. Basically a Honda Element but not as industrial; cloth instead of plastic. That back window is cool from the inside, too.




4 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: Car Breaks Down; It’s Okay”

  1. When I went shopping for a new car a little over a year ago, I hopped in the cube just for fun. It's really spacious but it's a bit to boxy for me. I ended up leaving with a awesome high end nissan Altima coupe 🙂 love love love my car. The only thing I could ask for is heated steering wheel for the few cold days.

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