Desk Calendar Wisdom

After Christmas, when everything suddenly goes on super-sale, I bought a desk calendar for work (among other things). Last year I was gifted one and it was the gift that kept on giving. So this year I gifted myself one. I chose it because it had this poster on the front:

Obviously, I had to have it.

And it has truly been a worthy purchase. I’m not even a full month into 2011 and the little thing has already proven its worth several times over. Every day sports a new quote about strength, perseverance, and a can-do attitude. What’s truly fascinating to me is how often the (seemingly random) quotes coincide with things that are happening (or I’m marinating one) in my personal life.

Friday’s was so good, I just had to share:

Huzzah, Desk Callendar. Huzzah.



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