I gained a new follower which makes me SO HAPPY! Kandyce, you made my day. It’s been a while and you’re a fun blogger.

Along with gloating to all of you, this post serves to let Kandyce know that I literally have no way to contact you. Kandyce, the word verification on your blog is cut off – can’t comment. Maybe a template glitch. And no email addy to email you! AHHHHHH!!!!

For all other readers (because if you comment I hit your blog on a regular basis) word verification drives me bonkers. Just turn on moderation. Knock out those silly non-words. They’re silly.

Here’s a few I made up myself:






3 thoughts on “FOLLOW!!!”

  1. Funny thing is I found you through SuperPunch's blogger interview project last year. And he is 100% guilty of this. And I ALWAYS forget and either leave comments non posted or close the window without commenting. It's funny.

    I hope you are at least neutral to Disqus.

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