Ok, with uncannily perfect timing (side note: I can’t believe “uncannily” is a word), this morning I found my second EVER grey hair.

(Side note: apparently “grey” is NOT a word, but I disagree with Firefox on this one. It looks better than the American version.)

The reason I say uncannily perfect timing is because just yesterday I posted regarding the coming storm of being a real grownup (ie: over 30), which I am actually kind of delighted about. In yesterday’s post I couldn’t come up with a good way to explain just WHY I was happy about it, but today the grey hair has given me a perfect opportunity.

There’s so much stuff you can do, that you can ONLY do, as you age. It’s like (I warned you about this) a video game, where you have to play for a certain amount of time before the really good stuff gets unlocked.

Here is what I am looking forward to today:

How gorgeous is that?!

I. Can’t. Wait.



7 thoughts on “Luxe”

  1. My brother pulled the first curly grey (yes G-R-E-Y) hair out of my head when I was in college. Sad to say, I am married to the color bottle now. If I had an olive skin tone, I'd let it go natural, but irish red cheeks make me look like Mrs. Santa, and I just don't feel enough that way yet to look the part. Whether or not you color you hair is immaterial…just embrace the experience of ever growning and always learning, no matter how many years pass by.

  2. Seriously on the hair color thing! I like to look at all of the older people in our family with awesome silverly/saltandpeppery hair and am so stoked for when that comes!

  3. Yup, I got it too… the dishwater grey/old Chicago snow grey. First found grey hairs in high school and thought I'd get pure white hair by now as my father & grandmother did. But no. Dirty grey. You keep looking forward to it Rae. Hope it works out!

  4. Gorgeous!
    Only problem is, most times it doesn't come in like this. The white / grey look is striking, like a fairy tale. I WANT it! My reality was – dishwater grey of many various shades.
    But congrats on being a grown-up – yet another rung on the ladder of your 'growth & development' to enjoy.

  5. Was lurking off a friends blog and stumbled on yours. I too am from Texas (referred from “us in Tejas”).

    Gray or white hairs are never fun to find, that's just a way of your body telling you “you're getting old,” thanks body!

  6. Hold on,woman young enough to be my daughter! I just can't let you go there–the word “grey” might be pretty, but the color grey is NOT! Trust me on this. Yank 'em out until they get too numerous and then DYE, DYE, DYE!! What are you thinking? Ugh! I've been both and colored is definitely better. (Can you tell I'm opinionated on this?)

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