There’s a Hill?!

Everyone Poops (My Body Science Series) I have a birthday ’round about this time of year. I’m in my last few years of a decade that starts with “2” and the fact that I’m nearly embarrassed to write that means a few things. One, most of my readers are older than me and probably super-jealous of my youth.

But also, I’m really looking forward to leaving this decade behind, unlike many of my fellow twenty-somethings. Maybe I’ll feel differently later; I doubt it. I tend to look forward to getting older. I haven’t lost the joy of what a new year will bring.

However, I was thinking this morning, that someday it won’t be like this, huh? I can’t say that thought occurs to me very much. Eeeeeevery once in a while, when I think about 30 as how much of my life is spent (rather than the usual “I have like 70 years left!”) it knocks me back a little. I don’t dwell on it, because then I think of all you old people and how spry you are after having lived multiple 30-year increments. Comparatively, I’m still a young, young, young thing.

But, like I said, it has (today) dawned on me that it will not always be so and that freaks me out. I’ve always lived looking forward, hatching plans. Maybe someday much of my time will be spent looking back, remembering. When does the switch happen?

Is that what a mid-life crisis really is? The adjustment?

All of the sudden, I’m noticing this hill. It’s a long way off… but was that there before?!



7 thoughts on “There’s a Hill?!”

  1. I think 30 was AMAZING!!!
    But 40, was so much richer!!!!
    From the looks of it, 50 & 60 are gonna have their own special treats too ๐Ÿ™‚
    Grateful for the gifts from every decade so far.
    Keeps things interesting ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Ah, the hill. The thing with a hill is that once you're up there, the view is different… You may find yourself tired after the climb. But you never know – the view from the top might be worth it.

  3. I recently passed the halfway mark in my current decade and was mildly disturbed when I realized that I'm closer now to 60 than to 50. Ahhhhkkk. And I still feel like a girl. I live in the present and think of the past with fondness but not envy. And I look forward to the future… lots more to go.

  4. I had a hard time turning 30. I won't lie. Mostly because when you say you're in your 20's, even if it's 29, you're still in the same decade as very young people who are 20 and 21. But after that, you are in your 30's, which is the same decade as people who are about to turn 40.

    But I have to say, now that I'm 6 years past that horrible transition, the 30's aren't such a big deal and I dont' feel so old on a daily basis now as I did that first few months of being 30.

    My point? It's all good. You have the right attitude, because, as it turns out, life isn't over after you turn 30.

  5. Every decade has been better than the one before so I expect the next one to be mindblowing (80's coming up). I do live much more in the present now than in my 20's and I really don't spend a lot of thought on the past though I realize not every senior thinks the same. Aren't you discovering how much better the 20's are than the teens? The 30's will be a pleasant surprise!

  6. Did I miss why “Everyone Poops” was posted with this entry? You should have posted a picture of a pkg. of prunes, or All Bran…hahahah. (you know–old people…oh never mind) I don't ever think of the past. It depresses me a lot. The future isn't all that bright either, I suppose. In my heart I just have stayed 27 and I'm not leaving that. And nobody can make me. So there!!! (yes I probably am a bit senile…sh*@)It's pretty much down hill for you from now on, sweet thing, so get used to it. hahahahhasnortsniffle

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