Short and (fake) Sweet

Diet Coke, 12 oz. canSo I lied about part time. I’m back to work full time. I’m actually kind of happy about it. Less freaking out about how I’m going to fit everything into a few little hours.

Even if I had selective amnesia I would still know I’m back to work because my consumption of Diet Coke has returned to “through the roof” phase. I HAVE replaced the first can of the morning with coffee, which isn’t actually better for me (at all) but doesn’t get as much bad press in all the magazines I read.

Also, I’m really good at DOING laundry but pretty terrible at folding it. A dilemma if ever there was one. Does a viable alternative exist?



6 thoughts on “Short and (fake) Sweet”

  1. I choose a totally decadent, time-wasting activity, that I would scarcely EVER allow myself to do by itself –
    and marry it with a 'suck the life out of you' chore,
    to = a virtuous act šŸ™‚
    … When I was younger – it was TV (Soaps). Now, I indulge in kickin' music (that I always sing along with), talk radio, books on CD, etc.

  2. Interesting how each generation moves further and further from laundry chores. My mother finally stopped scrubbing clothes in a deep sink and bought a washing machine when I was in my teens. I opted for a drier soon after my first child was born. My son's generation came up with static sheets and clothes that don't wrinkle. Next there will be automatic clothes-folders for your generation. Hang in there.

  3. For Diet Coke? No alternative
    For folding laundry? I love to fold and put away. I guess we could job share something else. I hate making beds and dusting. Or you could just do what my daughter does (shudder) and throw it all in a pile on the floor and then take from the pile when she needs something clean. (shiver)

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