On a Budget

Casio CTK-2100 61 Key Personal Keyboard with New Voice Pad Feature So we are on a budget, which is new for us. Usually we just buy what we want when we want it; within reason, but still. There’s been very little by way of restraint in our lives.

But now we are on a budget. What that means is we can’t spend money to entertain ourselves. So going out to dinner, or driving to San Antonio to buy random things, or walk WalMart and buy random DVDs, etc etc etc, all these forms of entertainment are out.

Instead we have to entertain ourselves with things we already have. And if we want something that costs money we have to find extra money, because all the normal money is spoken for.

After three weeks (remember? I was on vacation.) of Scrabble and lawn care and making elaborate dinners and beating every good video game we own (3) we are spent. We’ve been listening to a lot more music and finally, I said what we were both thinking, what all people with too much time on their hands say about the things they enjoy: we could do this.

The only problem is that we don’t have many musical instruments. In fact, we only have one, and it’s more like really awesome decoration since neither of us know how to play it.

We thought, “let’s get a keyboard. Then we could create phat beats.”

Except, guess what? Keyboards cost money.

Here’s where our greatness comes in. Instead of just spending it (which we were sorely tempted to do), we left the store, went home, and spent the next hour searching for spare change. We raided the piggy bank, cleaned out pockets, and went out to the car to collect all the coinage. You know what? We PAID for that keyboard using only found money. That was a pretty big deal.

Next on the list: learn how to play the keyboard.



6 thoughts on “On a Budget”

  1. Once a year the kids and I cash in our spare-change jar and do something fun! When the kids were little, it was Chuckie Cheese or a weekend camping. This year, after reviewing the projected budget (as well as the extreme belt-tightening for the next 3 months), we were both a little bummed. Hubs was keeping a stiff upper lip – but I did detect a bit of a quiver in the lower lip. The next day, I had a great idea! I took the contents of his change jar to the 'coin-counter' at WalMart. I brought home $86 in crisp bills and deposited 'his winnings' back into his change jar. JACKPOT!!! Five minutes after he came home from work, the sunshine was back in his eyes, songs of joy & hope burst forth from his lips, and all was right with the world 😉

  2. THAT is awesome. Or really concerning that money was just laying around like kindling for a fire. I was just on ebay searching music stuff for the kid. We are going to learn music this year too. But I will leaved the phat beats to you.

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