I’ve been playing video games and eating bon bons all week. I have not much interesting to post.

The biggest deal lately has been the weather. I know everyone else in the world is getting epic blizzards and floods, but it’s been pretty ridiculous out here in SWTX, too. It went down to FORTY FIVE DEGREES the other day. And it’s been raining constantly for like ten hours.

Perhaps this doesn’t seem like a big deal to you, but it IS. 45 digs is cold. COLD. (For the pre-desert). And rain that lasts more than ten minutes is enough to cause widespread panic and (seriously) floods.

With all this potential for mass hysteria that the inclement weather is bringing, we sometimes look to the animals for cues. Birds fly away when an earthquake is coming. Dogs find shelter when tornadoes approach. And our cat, thankfully, has indicated the appropriate actions for us to take in our current situation:




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