Back to School… Back to School…

CC: mirimcfly

Not really SCHOOL, actually. Today is my first “real” day back to work.

Guys, we had some ch-ch-ch-ch-CHANGES over the Holidays. First, I’m down to part-time (fewer hours! as directed by faithful blog readers [and agreed upon resoundingly by Hubs and I] a while back when I asked what I should do about the work/school paradox) (I’ve been watching a lot of Doctor Who, hence the inappropriate use of the word “paradox”).

So down to part-time at work-school, which is really nice. It’ll mean a lot more wiggle room. BUT we had some Unforeseen Circumstances, so I’m taking a semester off of school-school as well. HELLO free time! Which, in the past, would have meant a very clean house and lots of crafts but now means lots of video game time because I have been converted.

I am a Gamer. Two Gamers in the house, now.

We’re doomed!

Just kidding, we’ll figure out when to wash. It’ll take a while; we’ll probably have to game in shifts so we don’t lose our ENTIRE range of motion or become TOTALLY overwhelmed with “almost clean” laundry…

In the meantime, watch for plenty of random stories about mundane things. I suddenly have plenty of free time and very little to stress me out on a daily basis.

Woo hoo!



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