Guilty Pleasure

I got a video game for Christmas. And I’ve been doing little else during my break from work.

I tried playing one of Hubs’ games once. It was a “shooter” game. My character died instantly. Then Hubs set up a cheat, where the aim automatically locked onto bad guys so I couldn’t miss. Death came after about 30 seconds.

THEN Hubs set up a cheat where my character was impervious to bullets. Fell off a cliff. Died.

Thus, most of his video games don’t work for me.

Disney Epic Mickey
This, on the other hand, is doable and seriously addictive. The main character never dies which is great for me – the most inexperienced and inept “gamer” ever.

It’s not cutesy, which I was worried about. It’s Disney’s Mickey, after all. But the game, while cute at points, is pretty dark. It’s not for kids. I like the whole “Wasteland” concept of the game – it takes place in a world of rejected or forgotten Disney concepts. Pretty sweet, really.

I have three more days until work (ie: Real Life) commences once again. I have to make them count. I have to beat the game. Multiple times, if necessary. 


5 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasure”

  1. Seeing as how this is the second blog I've read about this game, and seeing as how I can't even last ten seconds in one of my husband's shooting games, I think I might have to check this out…

  2. I've hardly even tried any modern computer games. I'm no good at dealing with the ones where things keep moving around on the screen all the time. I need the slow type of games that can wait while I think…

    Enjoy your holidays! I was glad to see that you found my new blog.

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