One of my sisters visited us this Christmas. She braved the wilds of the East Coast blizzard to come sit with us for some gift opening.

We got her a few things. But the most profound gift was a Snuggi, which is a cross between plush bathrobe and fuzzy blanket. It has sleeves and pockets like a robe, but it’s super long and kind of square-ish, like a blanket.

She wears it EVERYWHERE, not just the couch. She has not taken it off in three days. Literally. I am not exaggerating. Here’s proof.

Wears it outside. And to the restroom.



7 thoughts on “Gift-tastic”

  1. I wondered where you were. I'm glad your sister likes the Snuggi. I think they are pure evil, but she obviously loves it. Good gift for her. Note: Don't EVER buy me one for a gift. You know, the next time you buy me a present.

  2. We had a Yankee Swap on Christmas Eve. One of the gifts was a Snuggie…The rules were you could unwrap an unopened gift, or pass it still wrapped in trade for something someone else had already opened. The Snuggie went through several hands before it landed with its final owner…at the end, there was much good natured sulking over the loss of that thing…

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