I used to live in a land where “real” trees grew on the side of the roads, wild…

Every once in a while, we’d brave household allergies and get a real tree…

We’d go hunt the supermarket lots for a real winner.

They’d wrap it up in netting; we’d spend 20 minutes trying to rig it to the top of the car.

We’d drive home carefully, and spend another hour or so trying to get it through the front door.

Then we’d wait, decorate it another day, because we were tired. Meanwhile, we’d have to remember to water it regularly, so that the little needles didn’t start falling off every time we touched it.

We’d have to turn the lights off anytime we weren’t in the room, because the tree would dry out. We’d have to throw it away before New Year’s because it was brown-dead.

We like this option much better. So does Kitty.



5 thoughts on “Tannenbaum!”

  1. I kind of like the first picture. Minimalistic style… Just wind some lights around it… takes up almost no space… 😉

    Mine is more sort of like just the top of a bigger tree instead – 60 cm high and standing on a high chest of drawers.

    Merry Christmas, Rae!

  2. I heartily agree though the pine smell is sorely missed. I've boiled it all down to a 3ft'er with the lights already on it. Pull it out, set it on a end table and plug it in. Christmas balls go on it as the mood dictates. Doesn't get much simpler.

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