Rolling Wheels Gather No… Air?

Does anyone else get excited when this happens?

I have no idea why this is always such a big deal to me. Is it only the rarity of the situation? Does it validate some subconscious drive in me? Maybe I really DO like math?

Whatever the reason, I surprise even myself with my fascination over unique odometer readings. I will slow down, pull over, or cheer delightedly when the numbers resemble anything close to a meaningful hand of cards. (Flushes are my favorite.)

Maybe this is a throwback from my childhood, where we took many roadtrips. Maybe my parents made a big deal out of rare odometer patterns.

Maybe I’m just a nerd.

A nerd who spends a lot of time in her vehicle.

A nerd who spends a lot of time in her vehicle because she lives in the most gigantic state on the face of the planet (Alaska does not count). 



7 thoughts on “Rolling Wheels Gather No… Air?”

  1. Sorry to burst your bubble but Texas (696,241 aq km) is at best the fourth largest state on the face of the Earth not counting Alaska. Three of Australia's states dwarf Ol' Lone Star: New South Wales (800,642 sq km), Queensland (1,730,648), and Western Australia at a whopping 2,529,875 square kilometers. Plus they're on the wrong side of the Earth, so well there ya go…

  2. It appears that there are a few of us nerds out there. I also make a whish when ever I catch the clock at 11:11. Can't wait until next year when I can wish at 11:11 on 11/11!

  3. I can't explain why, but I love things like that too. I think it's an OCD/prozac-induced/nerd-thing for me. I like the smell of scotch tape, folding laundry, and marigolds too. (Don't even ask how that has anything to do with what you posted? That's the beauty of my weirdness…) I also like writing on some chalkboards, a new notebook, and an unsqueezed tube of toothpaste.

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