Carpe Taco

The cafeteria where I work (ie: “work-school”) serves brekky, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast they have a motley assortment (no cereal carousel, thank goodness) of goods. I recently discovered that they do homemade tacos.

This is the SWTX equivalent of bagels in the northeast. And, much as I would enjoy a bagel every now and then, I must admit that the breakfast tacos down here are extremely, fabulously delicious (I know the one above looks kind of green, but that’s lighting, not food-quality).

I have never been a breakfast person. Sugar does not agree with me early in the morning. I’m also not a fan of milk or milk-like products. Thus, most traditional breakfast foods (eg: Cheerios, oatmeal, etc…) are out. I had a phase where I ate corned-beef sandwiches at 8 am.

So tacos are right up my ally. Particularly the kind with soft, freshly grilled tortilla filled with beans, potato & chorizo (a classic combo, much like cream cheese & lox), some cheddar cheese, and a few good points of hand-made salsa. It’s protein, dairy, bread, and a kick of flavor. It is so good.

You should try it.

On a side (related) note, if you are a girl and you use salsa, you might get lauds from the maintenance guys who work in your building for how amazing you are, and how you can “handle the heat.” That’s a hot tip for all you ladies out there.

Don’t say I never gave you nothin’.



8 thoughts on “Carpe Taco”

  1. Its funny that over the years my taste in breakfast has really changed. I used to love nothing more than a sausage biscuit from McDonalds, but now I favor the breakfast burritos, hands down. I think I would really dig your SWTX breakfasts.

  2. I will let it go this once, becaue you are a poet, but seriously, NOTHING is the equivalent of a really good, real bagel. And there are none to be had in my little town in Carabunga.
    Lintheadville is, on the upside, beginnning to look a lot like Mexas. Good tacos abound, bodegas and panaderias sprout daily, and the other day I saw a lunch truck that advertised TORTAS.

  3. Those do look good. Everyone in my house would eat them. Hmmm… Wonder what we're doing for bkfst on Sunday…

    My girls split a big can of clam chowder for breakfast this morning. 🙂

  4. Me and the hubby had similar breakfast burritos this morning! They were soooo good and warm and filling. Definitely an awesome way to start the day 🙂

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