Day 22 → Something you wish you hadn’t done in your life.

I wish I had made some different choices during my freshman year at college. For one, I often wish I’d gone to a community college, because the four year school I attended was not cheap, I didn’t qualify for financial aid, and I’m still paying for it. I certainly value the education more because I didn’t just have to “work” for it with homework and whatnot, but actually WORK for it, with a real job, and real paychecks. But it would have been nice for graduated-Rae to have a few less zeros on the ol’ tab.

Another thing I would have done differently was not take junior and senior level classes during my freshman year. I didn’t take one, I think I took three. It was possibly the dumbest decision I ever made at school.

Wait…. One of the dumbest decisions. I can think of at least one other really dumb one.

Those classes were insanely overwhelming. So much so that I dropped out of college after that year, because I couldn’t fathom doing the same kinds of things for three more years.

After a year of waitressing, I changed my mind and re-enrolled. Waitressing was not the career for me. And those upper-level courses were much more manageable once I was an upper-level student.

When I look back at my college transcripts I see a few things. One is a stupidly overwhelming schedule. Another is lower grades than I ever got again (across the board). And a third is that dollar sign, that follows me like an evil ghost, haunting me at every turn.

Glad it’s done? Yes. Do it differently next time? Absolutely.



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