Day 17 → A book you’ve read that changed your views on something.

Going Rogue: An American LifeI recently read Going Rogue, the first memoir published by political up-and-comer Sarah Palin.

I really enjoyed watching Sarah Palin when she ran as John McCain’s VP in the 2008 elections. She was entertaining. She was funny and kind of a smart ass, which I always enjoy. She spoke plainly, and with conviction. There wasn’t a lot of political jargon or double-speak going on when she got to do her thing. I found that refreshing.

For as much as Obama was charismatic, Palin was too, even if for really wildly different reasons. In fact, I didn’t have much to dislike about any of the people who ran in the 2008 elections. Yeah, I disagreed on political grounds with some of them, but overall I thought it was a nice bunch of people.

Anyways, after reading Going Rogue, Palin lost her personal appeal for me. What came across as transparency during a race for one of the highest offices in the country sounded too simple in the book. A lot of the narration favored idyllic imagery over an authentic tone. And, while I appreciated the upfront portrayal of her successes and failures as governor of Alaska, a lot was missing from her account of the 2008 presidential race.

There was a lack of introspection, of personal responsibility for her part in “failures,” that troubled me. It belies the image of her as a straight shooter who doesn’t avoid hard truths.

Introspection is the hardest, most profound path to truth out there. I thought I was going to read it in this tome, and didn’t, so my views about the author changed.



3 thoughts on “Day 17 → A book you’ve read that changed your views on something.”

  1. I tried so hard to cut her a break when she was nominated, even though political p.o.v is miles apart. Part of me wanted her to succeed, if only to break open new territory for women in politics– the Republicans nominated a woman YES there is hope for America —
    but despite her charisma, when I listened to what she actually says, the impression that she is an idiot just kept getting stronger.

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