The Cakery

I sometimes (infrequently) have these dreams of becoming a fabulously famous and influential baker. Food Network hasn’t helped with this; they keep pumping out new shows that encourage me to try new things like broccoli rabe and experimental sugar sculptures.

Usually this does not end well.

However, once in a while I hit on something I like, as I did a few weeks ago when I made some cuppy-cakes for my friend Bot’s baby shower. Here are some pictures. (I like to document things when they are going well.)

This is a photo of the luscious batter, which I pirated from Tasty Kitchen.

The recipe is called The Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever. It’s pretty good. I use Hershey’s Dark Cocoa powder instead of regular cocoa. I like dark chocolate. I think it makes a better cake.

Hershey’s also has a recipe for chocolate cake on the back of cocoa containers. THAT cake is amazing, as well.

This frosting is also from Tasty Kitchen (actually, the Pioneer Woman site, but it’s all the same). It’s GREAT! I like it better than buttercream. And I like me some buttercream.

COLORS! This is Marshmallow Fondant (recipe from Peggy Weaver’s baking corner). It tastes good (unlike regular fondant) and once I figured out how to work with it (the key is gloves and a bit of veg oil) I was golden.

The classy ladies who put on the classy shower provided quite a (classy) spread.

And I was happy with my contribution. They looked like a lot of fun, and I think they tasted pretty decent.

That is all. (You should try the recipes.)



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