WTS Saturday: BAM!

Today started so pleasantly, I was be-boppin’ around, making sweet treats for a friend. Made a delicious breakfast for Hubs. Watched a wonderfully interesting documentary all about Helvetica font. (Don’t judge.)

Then. In the mail came a letter from our former landlord. I am writing this post to try to mitigate the insane amounts of tear-producing frustration I am feeling right now. I am the kind of person who cries when I am frustrated; have I ever shared that? I am on the verge of crazy-frustrated tears right now.

I didn’t say much about all the stuff that went on that prompted us to move out of the other house, and I’m not going to start now. For the purpose of this post I can just say there were REASONS, and excellent ones, for not renewing the lease.

When it ended, we resigned ourselves to being gypped on our security deposit refund. That is, we didn’t expect to get ANYTHING back, and we were just gonna’ deal with it. We felt that we didn’t need to deal with legal action; that it would be more trouble than what we’d get out of it.

What happened today is that we did get a refund, of sorts, BUT from it all sorts of charges were deducted for “broken” items that had been the landlord’s responsibility to fix while we were living there. This is why I’m frustrated. It feels like a pointed, methodical, obscene gesture very obviously sent in our direction (certified mail).

It wasn’t going to be useful for us to fight for the whole amount, and the same remains true for the partial amount. But I kind of want to send a vicious letter and hire an attorney to sue just for the **** of it.

I guess this kind of situation is why believing in karma is so useful. I GUESS.



7 thoughts on “WTS Saturday: BAM!”

  1. I understand how you feel – I think. Sometimes, one would really, really want to fight for Justice. But realises that it would cost even more than one has already lost. And then there has to be other values involved as well, to make it worth while.

    I don't believe in karma. I do put my faith in some kind of Ultimate Justice. But not karma, because as I understand that word, it does not go with grace and mercy.

  2. 'I guess.' Yeah right. I believe in karma too but I don't think it's ever been any comfort in situations like this – the payback is too far down the line.

  3. I'm kinda with the scary lawyer letter. For the future though, documentation is key. At the beginning of the tenancy, take a picture of anything that is broken, include it in a letter, sign and date the letter, make a copy and send it certified. Then you have proof.

    Sorry for your aggravation.

  4. Maybe your Dad could write one of those scary lawyer letters that would shake them up a bit. Even if you didn't follow through with a suit it would be very satisfying.

  5. Yuck. What an awful person. My first reaction is always to fight, but if you're going to spend more time and money on a toxic, worthless human being, than what's the point. Karma, my dear, is a bitch. He'll get his.

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