Decision Made, Action Taken

Thanks to some amazingly insightful input from some amazingly thoughful people (you), I was able to decide fo’sho’ what my priorities are and (therefore) what action I will take next semester (year? decade?) and it is…


 More school less work.

I feel the first ever polling experience here at UsInTejas went well (at least for me). I shall explain.

Your comments expressed a concern over giving up work entirely. You all had some excellent points, which basically boiled down to: keep the snowball rolling. If I am going to take over the world and dominate every living creature I’m probably going to need to keep my resume relatively gap-free.

Plus, as nice as it is to follow dreams (ie: school-school), short-term mental (and eventually physical) health also needs a level of security that steady income provides.

So, I talked to my boss, who is excellent (and thus another reason I wasn’t really all that into straight up QUITTING) and explained the situation to her.

Know what she did? Came back three hours later and told me, no problem, we’ll cut your hours in half next semester. Her actual words were, “We’ll do what we need to to keep you, rather than hiring someone else because I don’t think another person can do in 40 hours what you can accomplish in 20.”

How nice was THAT?!

AND I get to up the dream-following activities.

(Dear Hubs: You are AWESOME. Thanks for encouraging this. Everyone else: be jealous that I got the best spouse ever.)



8 thoughts on “Decision Made, Action Taken”

  1. Good for you!!! How wonderful that you have a solution AND got great recognition of your talents too. I didn't comment on your problem but you sure have been on my mind.

  2. Wow! Congratulations! I'm so glad that this solution was possible. I wish you the best of luck – and enjoyment – as you proceed…! (Now I just hope that your boss does not really expect you to do 40 hours of work in half the time…)

  3. Congrats! I am so glad all the hard work paid off. I still say you need someone to invent a teleportation device for you to kill that nasty commute.

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