A Whole New World

At school-school, I only attend night classes. My parking permit is for nights only, so I have to park after a certain time, which only gives me 45 minutes to be “on campus,” max, per night. Class doesn’t let out until about 8:30pm (ie: darkness!) so I have always just scurried to my car, rather than “hang out.”

I don’t have time to hang out after class. I’m too hardcore.

The thing about this is that I have NEVER explored the campus, ever. It’s pretty big (it’s giant, actually) and I’ve only ever been in two (of 20+) buildings and one (of 15+) parking lot.

Until yesterday when I went in early and had to park in a different (cross-campus) lot.

The feeling I had while I was walking around and around and up and down in the afternoon sunshine was akin to the one where you turn onto a side street you’ve driven past literally thousands of times in your life but never given a second thought to. One day you turn down the side street (which looks like NAUGHT from the main road, by the way) and all kinds of amazing things are on it, like gorgeous Craftsman cottages covered in flowering vines and a huge field with bunnies and golden retrievers frolicking around and maybe a babbling brook at some point. You know what I mean? The kind of road that makes you go, “I cannot BELIEVE I had no idea this was here.”

Yes. That is what happened to me last night when I found the movie theater and the Starbucks. It was nice.



6 thoughts on “A Whole New World”

  1. Just been catching up again..Great that you found such hidden treasures on campus! Good luck with the school vs work decision, I think I might have gone with the 3rd option for you, since I am too late for your sidebar voting!

  2. sweet envy that you get to A: Go to Grad School B:You get to go to SA C:Get to stroll around to find hidden starbucks and movie theaters!

  3. I love campuses and the feeling of a whole other world that I find there. I could be a perpetual student and never grow up. (Not as attractive when you're 62, granted, but still a nice dream.)

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