I Heart School

I really do love school, you guys. It makes me happy because it makes me think. When my instructors lament the “old school” ways of doing college, where it’s all about debate and students pulling themselves up by their bootstraps instead of the institution taking responsibility for their success, that’s me, I love it.I love pulling myself up by my intellectual bootstraps.

For some random reason (I know it’s not random I just don’t feel like figuring out what the reason is because I have a 2k word book report due in a few days and I need to save all my brainpower for that) I am completely fine with the notion that I was made for school. White, middle class, all that. It makes me a super happy camper, because I freaking love school. Maybe I love it because I was made for it, or maybe it was just lucky I was made for it, because I was bound to love it no matter what. It’s your classic “chicken or the egg” story.

This doesn’t seem to be making much sense. That’s probably because I’m not really trying to make much sense. Tell me, please, what do you think of higher education? I don’t care if you’d go back to high school, because if I hear that you do we can’t be friends anymore because high school was hell on earth. But what about college?

If you had a chance to go to college again (or maybe forever?) would you, like me, jump at it? Forsake most others? Or did/do you hate college with the fire of a thousand suns? And if so, I’m going to need some explanation. I don’t understand how you can hate it. BECAUSE IT ROCKS.



6 thoughts on “I Heart School”

  1. I would love to go back to school! College, I mean. I think my first time through was kind of wasted on my early-20s self. I know I would get more out of it now.

  2. I was miserable in college, but it was because I was miserable, not because I was in college. The happiest memories of that period of my life could only have happened at college.
    If I could do it again, yes, BUT only with medication. Things might have been so different…

  3. This post + your previous one are reminding me that perhaps I ought to be getting on with “the story of my life” at my own blog 😉
    Anyway. Yes, I loved “college”. I took a break after “senior high”. Worked one year. Short sniff at college. More work. Then back to college full time for four years. Had someone been willing to pay me to continue forever after that, I probably would have. However, no one did, and the hard truth is I ran out of money. As in nil, zero. And the job market turned out to have nothing to offer that really fit my qualifications (or study loans). Which meant Hard Times, Compromises, Burnout and more Compromises. But the College Years as such, I still look back on with nostalgia.

    In my late 30s, I had another four years of part time studies while working full time in a low-income job. Just for “Fun”. Different subject, not job-related, and also not leading to a new career. Waste of time in the eyes of some. But I loved it…

    Giving advice is SO hard when one's own choices turned out bad from career point of view and still feel good on another level.

  4. My vote in your “poll” said Go For the Gold. Actually I crammed 4 years of college into 10… while working full time. That was fine with me but if you have the opportunity,, just go to school and have fun doing it(i think you are doing that). One of my life's goals was to get my three girls through college. This past summer, my youngest finished law school and the older two have finished their college also. My work is complete.. lol

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