Some Music I Like

I’m continuing with my “not having anything nice to say” general grumpiness. Today I really wanted to blog, get outside of my own head for a bit (audiences are always good for that), but I started a post and it was a total downer.

Instead of posting that negativity, I’ll share these little bits of music with you, which I’m really enjoying.

The first is an eclectic group of gentlemen that remind me a bit of several other groups, but not enough of anyone else to merit a direct comparison. Sometimes they get goose-bump-raising harmonies, which I value quite a bit. They’re called Mumford & Sons and the latest album, Sigh No More, is full of music for a grey day, which today very much is.


One thought on “Some Music I Like”

  1. I like them both. I, however, will never admit to liking M&S in person due to their obvious hippie nature. 🙂

    I hate it when people think they're so wise and thoughtful by writing or saying a bunch of crap in an effort to make someone who is down feel better. No one knows how you feel nor will anything they say make you feel any better before you're ready to feel better. So, with that said, you're in my thoughts and know that I care about you.

    One more thing. I usually read your blog from my phone, but I was having trouble checking out the songs. So, I checked it out on the real internet and your blog looks awesome! I love the fonts and background picture!

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