Shameless Unsolicited Plug

Windows Live Writer (Beta) is awesome. I wrote about it yesterday but I just want you guys to know how much I am enjoying it. I’m going to show you another picture of how it looks when I am composing:

live writer2

Jealous? What I see is truly, actually, (madly, deeply?) what I get. And, since I’m already insanely comfortable with Office 2007 (I product tested some of the beta versions of that, did I ever mention??) tabs, I am really loving the “controls” for this Live Writer thingy.

You can get to the (free) download by clicking on the link up at the top or by coping and pasting this URL:

They’re not compensating me AT ALL, which is total BS, but whatever. I’m happy with the product so I guess that’s compensation enough.

(By the way, Windows Live Movie Maker is a crock of steaming sour milk. FYI. Don’t use it. Terrible stuff.)

If I want to see how it’s going to look with all my sidebar nonsense, here’s where I click:

live writer3

And then it shows me this:

live writer4

Which I don’t actually need, (much as I love looking at my face) but sometimes it’s nice to be SURE.


  • I still have access to HTML coding.
  • I can upload pictures directly from my computer without worrying about waiting for each individual one to upload.
  • It does all sorts of cool frames for pictures, some of which I have tried today. (Jury’s still out on this, but it’s nice to know I can do it.) (I kind of like the polaroid one…)
  • Spell checker (excellent when I’m using Internet Explorer instead of Mozilla)
  • Word finder (I tend to repeat vocab words.)
  • I can publish directly from Live Writer OR save as a draft in case I want to fiddle more once I’m in Blogger.
  • I can insert a whole video (!!!!!)
  • I can insert a whole map.
  • I can insert plug ins? I’m going to play with this one. It looks promising.
  • For you: It works with most blog services (not just Blogger).

Anyways, I think you might try it. It’s cool and (I think) easier than Blogger’s controls where composing is concerned.

Again, thanks to my bloggy friends for recommending this gadget. I like it. It is almost as nice as getting enough sleep.



4 thoughts on “Shameless Unsolicited Plug”

  1. Yes. Windows Live Writer is the best there is for the purpose. I now use an AppleMac and unfortunately although it is absolutely great at everything else there is no programme as good as W L W for blog posting which can be used on the Mac.

  2. I'm not sure if I have the Beta version (?) but whatever, I've been using Live Writer for some time now and do most of my posts there. Except when I want to reuse a picture already stored in my Picasa web album. I haven't figured out how to do that.

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