Most Philosophers are Stupid

The time for reading for “fun” has once again come to a close. I think that until I quit school (either work-school or school-school) I will continue to have this gaping void in my life that only reading-for-fun can fill.

Hegel on TragedyI’m currently reading a 40+ page excerpt from Hegel on Tragedy. And it is terrible stuff, as are the other four excerpts I have to read before the next class meets. The “best” part about it is that we probably won’t ever touch on it, in class or on any test. Probably I will never know anything more about Hegel on tragedy (or the other four) other than what I have to read. But I must do it.

Just in case.

Times 15 weeks. Times four years. Equals Master’s degree.

Can I just say, for the record, that I wish I could tell some instructors (at both work-school and school-school) how truly ridiculous I find most of their requirements? Can I just say that?

I have nothing actually interesting to share with you today. Just that Hegel’s terribleness is hard to top. But having it foisted upon you by a weird professor tops it. Avoid this situation at all costs. Actually, just avoid classes on Shakespeare in general. 97% of my problems in higher education would be solved by following this advice… I’m telling you what no one told me. Avoid Shakespeare classes. Like the plague.


6 thoughts on “Most Philosophers are Stupid”

  1. But, but, but….Henry V? Midsummer Night's Dream? Taming of the Shrew? Although, come to think of it, I don't need some boring tweedy snot telling me what I should pay attention to.
    Never mind.

  2. Hegel on Tragedy. Oh, that does sound heavy. I know I struggled with some of his Dialectic ideas back in my teens and twenties, in connection with Marxism. Couldn't account for it now! Given the choice, I think I'd prefer Shakespeare…

  3. Yikes! You may, in fact, be the first writer to dis Shakespeare, at least in so entertaining a blog. It blows that you're having such a crap time in classes. I'm thinking it's not the Shakespeare, but the instructors (no one in their right mind would foist Hegel on you in a Shakespeare class).

  4. 40plus years ago I, too had to read some Hegel. I found most of it incomprehensible. He influenced two widely differing philosophers in Marx and Nietzsche (never could spell that name) whom I also had to study. 40plus years later I can recall nothing about any of it. I'm not sure any of it altered my life or thoughts either.

    Now Shakespeare. That's a different matter: I think he's brilliant! It just shows to go you (re-arrange to make sense!).

  5. Ah, ha, ha–17th century humor–the plague–Shakespeare. That's good! My daughter had to read C. S. Lewis. I think he's a sick puppy. I don't care what others think! Good luck with that reading. (I think I'd prefer Shakespeare, but I'm a bit weird.)

  6. It is one advantage in a Science degree as opposed to something in the arts. With the big exception of Microbiology the reading was always pretty interesting.

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