Tiny Lizards & Clarification

Yesterday two things happened:

1. I got almost a full night’s sleep. So I am feeling much better and less overwhelmed by life today than I was yesterday. Or than I have been for the last month…

2. The cat discovered the joy of tiny geckos. Our old house didn’t have many, our new house had several. Not anymore. The she-lion has emerged…

In other news, it occurs to me, from various comments, that my posting has been pretty confusing lately. I’m not apologizing; no one is forcing you to come read this nonsense. But let me clarify some stuff real quick:

I work at a school. I also attend school, at a different school. So when I say “school” sometimes it means work and sometimes it means my own education. Thus, when I write to you, I differentiate by saying work-school and school-school. I complain about both at pretty much the same rate, though.

I didn’t get a new job. I got more responsibility at my current job. I’m in charge of people now, officially, which is a first. I don’t like it so far. I have the people below me doing stuff I don’t like, and the people above me expecting things I’m not sure I can deliver. I’m trying to rule with the Golden one, and it seems to be working so far for my peons. I just wish all my many superior officers (that’s new, too. I used to just have one) would get their crap together and stop gigging me. No one here has ever heard that thing about “too many cooks” spoiling stuff, obviously.

Hubs and I moved across town. This move had less to do with our desire to upgrade and more to do with some issues at the old one. Nothing as extreme as rocks through the windows or anything, but enough to convince us that renewing our lease was probably not the best idea. Since neither of us were all that keen on packing up and moving again, we purposefully started thinking of it as a “movin’ on up” kind of thing, which it has (thus) become.

Blogging is something I really, really love to do. I get busy, and overwhelmed, or my brain gets fried and I just can’t think of anything nice to say (my mother reads this) sometimes, but I am NOT going to stop blogging. If I shut this one down another one would just pop up somewhere.

I’m like a wart on the face of the blog-o-sphere.

Or a tiny lizard.

No puny housecat can keep me down.



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