Bandit Time?

Sweet newborn baby Jesus. It’s been a busy few weeks. Three weeks ago, I was running around like a crazy woman, trying to get a ton of numbers and letters all lined up for when everyone descended upon work-school.

ALSO I was packing my entire life (Moving for the fourth time in three years, so it only takes me about 48 hours now. Don’t cry for me. I love new places.) because we were due to move across town to a bigger, nicer house. Oh yeah, we’re moving up the rental ladder.

(Guess what? Living here is STILL not as expensive as the apartment we left behind in New Jersey. Dear ridiculous cost of living: I don’t miss you AT ALL.)

Okay, so I spent that entire weekend packing. No time off. None.

Next week (two weeks ago) was when all the faculty came back to campus (aka: convocation) for work-school. I spent literally the entire week in meetings, which I usually never have to go to. I also met my newly-hired counterpart on another campus (and had to train) and my tutors for the fall semester (and had to train).

Spent a three day weekend packing and then actually moving our entire lives across town. No time off. None.

Last week, work-school started, and so did school-school. So, the meetings continued at work-school. AND the insane commute to school-school began. Days where I drive to school-school are fifteen hour days. Days where I’m only at work-school are 12 hour days, so I can actually make a full-time week at work.

It hurts my brain just thinking about it. Also, I had a weird mini-clash with my other-campus-peer, which managed to sour Tuesday through Saturday with its nast.

Last weekend, Hubs and I flew to Philly for a HOT MINUTE to witness my baby uncle (youngest uncle of seven aunts and uncles) get married to a super fun gal.

(That’s my mom and Hubs dancing.) 

That was super cool, but super super super quick and again, no time off. None. (And about 6 hours of sleep over three days, which is bad mojo.)

Finally, in the last few days we’ve had a flutter of silliness over our OLD house (the one we just moved out of) that managed to sour Saturday through yesterday with its nast. Although the duo of nast is fading, I’m still finding myself with too much to do and not enough time with which to do it. I need some solutions…

(Time Bandits Map, perhaps?)

I am currently working on an Excel spreadsheet that separates my day into small, manageable chunks. I haven’t had a full night’s sleep in three weeks, nor a day’s rest. I’m feeling very sorry for myself today, but there’s worse. I’ve gotten to that point of exhaustion where I get irrationally worked up or depressed about EVERYTHING.

You know what I mean? Where all things, even things you are 500% sure are no big deal, send your life crashing down around your ears? This is where I’m at. I know it’s sleep deprivation. I just can’t seem to manage to find enough hours to counter it. So I have to start budgeting my time. I have to start saying no to things that happen in the evenings. And I HATE doing that. I usually like the stuff that goes on in the evenings WAY more than I like work. Or school (I mean school-school).

If this were money I’d just get another job and keep spending. But I can’t get another time. So meh.

PS: Like how I verbed the title?



3 thoughts on “Bandit Time?”

  1. I was scared this was a lead up to no more blogging and sighed in relief when I didn't read that. Hang in there…and I hope you don't have to leave bloggerdom…you are fun to read.

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