Hot Tip for Peons

In yet another iteration of my new, super-grumbly management style, I have a hot tip for all you peons out there (including myself and especially my former self). You don’t need to thank me, you can just take it and run with it. I will consider your strict adherence to this pearl of wisdom thanks enough.

Here it is:

No one in the entire universe enjoys being told they screwed up. For most of us, it’s a very unpleasant experience.

Because of this, it’s pretty important to be right (I mean accurate) when you choose to share with someone that something they have done stinks like last week’s garbage.

Finally, you should be really, really discerning about talking to bosses (or potential bosses) about anything negative. Which leads me to my “thesis:”

Avoid telling your boss (actual or future) how much they screwed up. Especially if you’re wrong. 

This will save you a lot of grief. I promise.


PS: NEVER give someone a smug “told you so” glance when they tell you they’re sorry you didn’t get what you expected. It may be the nail in the coffin. Real life offender: you will never work for me.


5 thoughts on “Hot Tip for Peons”

  1. I had no idea what a peon was. Now I do 'cos google was helpful (again). Want another tip? To keep bosses in good mood, and get your own ideas through, it can sometimes pay off to let the bosses think (and keep them in the illusion) that the good idea was theirs to begin with (even when it was in fact yours).

  2. I am awestruck by the appropriateness of the image, and by your ability to envision and locate an image that is so awesomely appropriate for your post. Just sayin.

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