WTF Friday: Meat Market

I wrote about the Meat Market already this week. So for those of you who don’t like reading about local meat markets more than once in seven days, I’m sorry.

For the rest of you, get this:

My return to the meat market was prompted by an overwhelming desire not to cook dinner. Instead, I wanted the talented and gracious staff at the local Applebee’s (the only chain restaurant within 70 miles in any direction) to cook my dinner, instead. The reason for this was twofold:

1. Hubs was going to be home much later than me, and so he would not be able to make dinner in a timely fashion.Which meant I was going to have to do it. *Grumble.*

2. We only had chicken in the fridge, and had eaten chicken for the past two nights as well. Which meant I wanted steak. Which Applebee’s conveniently offers in many shapes and sizes and styles.

But then I was thinking that it’s a weeknight, and when we go out we eat and drink like we don’t have to go to work the next morning, regardless of whether we actually do. So probably going out to dinner wasn’t a great choice.

But I really didn’t want chicken. So of course I went back to the Meat Market.

Now that I’ve been there once it’s not as scary.

I thought.

The lady next to me had TB, I’m pretty sure. We just sat there, watching men in white coats and hats and aprons, chopping and slicing away at huge hunks of meat. I pretended to check things on my phone, and the lady next to me repeatedly cleared her whole chest cavity into a handkerchief. Which no one carries, unless they have TB.

Thus, another mini-epic visit to the Meat Market.

And, despite the TB, totally worth it.

(When I started this blog I never dreamed I’d write a sentence like the one I just wrote.)

(I love you guys.)



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