Holy Muffin Top!

I posted about my taco baby a long time ago. I’m not going to tell you how long, or provide a link back, because the point of the post was that I wanted to be rid of the taco baby. And guess what? It didn’t happen. I’m embarrassed.

Taco babies usually grow much more slowly than real, human babies. My current taco baby has been gestating for nearly two years. It’s growth is ponderously minuscule in the short-term, but frightening when I look back over long-term progress.

If I weren’t so fastidious with my clothing purchases, I’d be sporting a muffin top right now.

Thankfully, I’ve discovered the culprit.

In a land where huge bins of fresh, delicious avocados are constantly on sale for thirty cents each, how could I expect anything else? Taco babies love this stuff! It’s their favorite!

We buy the green fruits by the dozen. And eat them by the half-shell. People near the sea eat oysters, we eat avos. (Cados…) They are so good on so many things, from sandwiches to steaks. And any time we need to get an avocado fix, all we have to do is lift up the couch, gather a handful of pennies, and wander off the nearest local supermarket (or truck-bed stand, a story for another day).

Then, as if that weren’t enough, we discovered this:

The few things that were safe from regular avocado can escape from this stuff. It is so good that I have literally rubbed my face in it.

Put it on ice cream.

Mixed it in with cereal.

Fed it to the cat.

It is amazing. But no wonder the taco baby lives on.



7 thoughts on “Holy Muffin Top!”

  1. Avocados (mashed) make a really good hair conditioner. Honest. I just bought one for that very purpose today. I'll send pictures. What could be more fun than slathering your head with mashed avocado? Other than smearing it on your face, or eating it with a slice of lemon, of course.

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