Happy Anniversay, Let’s Run in The Dark

The title of this post is, perhaps, the best ever caption someone else has written for me. (Wym wrote it. She also took most of these photos.)

Here is a photo of me and Hubs, who did, in fact, celebrate our anniversary by running in the dark:

It was a nighttime race, in a huge park, so all participants had to wear headlamps.

When I say park, I mean it. The trail we “ran” on was a foot-wide swath carved out of four-foot tall monte and sawgrass. A raccoon literally got in my face as we were walking to the starting line. This wasn’t a merry-go-round-and-swings kind of park. This was a bring-a-compass park.

Reportedly, the lights on our heads were supposed to keep our visibility at a working level, but all they really did was create a deer-in-the-headlamp effect.

A lot of people crossed the finish line with blood on them.

Not the gals from Mexas, though.

Of course.

(That’s an “MX,” in case you were wondering.)



7 thoughts on “Happy Anniversay, Let’s Run in The Dark”

  1. I don't do running long distances. I never did running long distances. Anything over 100 yards = a long distance! Now if you had asked me to walk and I'd have walked all day up hill and down dale. But run..? You have to be joking. Why would anyone do that?

  2. Seems like the only thing headlamps would do is destroy your night vision. Ah well, it was a valiant effort and you are to be commended.

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