Secret Agent Wedding?

My Uncle is, I’m pretty sure, a secret agent.

All of The Cousins agree, there’s definitely something fishy about the guy’s life. I’m not going to go into details, since the details are part of my yet-unwritten WIP-potential.

(It will never happen, but I’m still not sharing any details. Because then I’d have to kill you…)

Anyways, he’s getting married. As the youngest child in a ginormous family, this is a huge deal. It’s so huge that Hubs and I are traveling to the Great NorthEast for, literally, a hot minute so that we can watch the happy couple tie the knot.

Then celebrate with the huge family, of course. That’s what it’s really all about. The Cousins have been waiting patiently for this wedding just as long as The Aunts have, mainly because the lovely bride-to-be is cool and made friends with all The Cousins. She’s pretty much universally loved, by The Aunts because she makes our Uncle attend all Family events, and by The Cousins because she was always game for meeting up when we randomly spent an evening in Philly.

There I go with details. All this is just side info. The important part is their invitations, which we just got, cementing the reality of this long-anticipated event. The invites are simple, elegant, and they display just the tiniest bit of sass…

I think things are going to go well for them, don’t you?



One thought on “Secret Agent Wedding?”

  1. Things will go well until he finds out she's a Canadian double Agent and is forced to kill him! Seriously, does this not all reek of too good to be true?

    Also, as a cousin in a large family, I have to say that your use of capital letters was brilliant.

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