Assimilation Looks Funky

This is my new Wawa (ie: best convenience store chain EVER):

Instead of local dairy products, it sells local sodas in beautiful glass bottles.

Instead of Tastycakes it sells Chililengua.

Instead of a deli, where they make your sandwich to order, they have Laredo Taco Company…

Which makes tacos to order.

It has all the high points of a Wawa, but with a distinctive Latin flair.

I am waiting for the taco version of Wawa’s Hoagiefest. How cool would a Tacofiesta be?

5 thoughts on “Assimilation Looks Funky”

  1. Speaking of Tastycakes and gas stations, the only place I've ever seen Tastycakes for sale in South Carolina is in the Citgo on the north side of town here in Smallville. Never underestimate a good gas station.

  2. DAMN YOU! Now I'll have that Hoagiefest jingle stuck in my head all day. And I won't be able to pass it on because I'm in Boston and I'll have to tell the hoagiefest jingle story a million times. Damn you! And damn my Philly based friends for getting me stuck on that jingle.

  3. You live in an interesting area. I'm sure there's some of that here in AZ too if I knew where to look–or if I dared go to those areas. Phoenix cultural diversity is some times scary.

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