In Case of Emergency…

I’ve had this Mexican Diet Coke in my fridge for almost a whole year.

It’s been almost a year since we moved, which explains when I got this bottle. It was a “going away” gift from a Mexas buddy, to mark our exodus inland, to Tejas.

Mexican Coca-Cola products are far and away more tasty and more fabulous than their American counterparts. The Mexican “leaded” version contain much more sugar, and the “unleaded,” diet version is also much sweeter. Though I don’t know HOW, since it’s DIET.

Mexican Coca Cola, Drink Cola, 12-Ounce (24 Pack)
Anyways, the other morning I woke up after a long night out. We had forgotten to turn the air conditioning to a livable temp before we passed out, so the house was stifling (it’s 90* by seven in the morning outside) and I did NOT want coffee. I had no clean laundry. I mean NO clean laundry. And I’m pretty sure I smelled.

(It was from the previous evening’s bonfire, not because I’m dirty.)

All these factors converged in one glorious explosion of terrible when I opened the fridge and realized I had run out of regular, easy-to-find-and-buy American Diet Coke at some earlier point. I needed caffeine. And I was in no position to run out and fetch some.

I’m not going to lie, I spent some serious time debating this. It’s HARD to find una Coca dieta in Tejas. Mexas has a FEW, but they are far between. The only sure bet is actually traveling to Mexico for a case of the beautiful glass bottles, and that just ain’t happenin’ right now. I should have thought ahead, should have maintained that solitary bottled goddess for another day.

But I desperately needed some, and it languished in the back of the fridge for long enough. That lone bottle wasn’t just for admiring, it was for emergencies. And the migraine that was increasing exponentially every second I deliberated pretty much made the decision for me.

Thus, the priceless Mexican Diet Coke was opened and consumed. Just for the taste of it.



7 thoughts on “In Case of Emergency…”

  1. well of course you had to drink it. You can always keep the bottle sitting somewhere to remind you of your friends that gave it to you. Caffiene is always first in my life, but i get mine from coffee. I understand the NEED you felt

  2. See, I don't really like the Mexican Cokes. They don't taste right to me. But I wonder if I would really like the Mexican diet Cokes since I don't like regular diet Cokes. I wonder if I can find one next time I'm in Texas. I think I will look! Do you think they have them as far north as Austin??

  3. There is no Time like the Present! 🙂

    Did you know there is a whole Wikipedia article on the Present?

    “Modern physics has not yet been able to explain the perceived aspect of 'the present' as 'eliminator of possibilities' that transfers future into past.”

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