WTF Friday: Post Office

Dear Old Ladies Who Know Each Other in the Lunch-Line at the Post Office:

I am glad that you have friends in town. I’m glad that you can go anywhere and see three people you know immediately. I hope I get there someday.

But for today, I need you to understand something.

I am on my lunch break. I am waiting for a very long time at the local post office during my lunch break because that’s the only time of my day where I am off work AND the post office is open. Normally, I would just figure out another way to get the 41 cents I need to send my European sister a nice card (for instance, turning tricks).

But she NEEDS the fun of a cheery letter. It cannot wait.

And so, I’m standing in the purgatory of a small-town post office, watching the one guy behind the counter slog his way through the seventeen people who arrived before me, and trying to tune out the other twenty who got there after me.

I don’t mind when you step back, into my personal space. Maybe you can’t really see me.

I don’t mind when you begin talking around me, in another language, to the lady behind me. Maybe you think I understand, and that you’re including me in the conversation?

What I do mind, however, is when you graciously allow all of your fellow old ladies to get in front of you.

Further, I love how none of them made eye contact with me as they all shuffled me aside then gathered in a little gaggle of smugness.

You and your line-jumping friends made me hate old ladies today.



6 thoughts on “WTF Friday: Post Office”

  1. See, I can't hold my tongue with stuff like that. I have even told little children to stop butting in line in front of me and go to the end. CHILDREN! I just can't abide line cutting.

  2. Aww. Sorry for your crappy experience. If you were in a real small town post office everyone in there (and there would have only be maybe one or two or three other people besides the friendly, helpful clerk) would know you were on your lunch and would tell you to go ahead. And your boss would understand if you came back late. Heck, your boss would have let you go at any point cuz it's for your sister. And the old ladies… they're not all nice, no matter where you are. They are just the same as they were when they were younger… friendly or crabby or spiteful or generous or funny or, some of them, nice… just older.

  3. I apologize on behalf of the aged. They annoy me too, though being one of them I have the freedom to set them straight. I have often suggested strongly that they get out their little change purses while waiting on line so they don't take up 10 minutes searching for the 43 cents at the counter.

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