The other day Hubs went to do man things with his buddy (work out at the gym or push rocks up a hill or something) while I stayed at home, watching my girl shows.

(Those are the ones I record and only I watch. They’re different from his boy shows, and from the very few shows that we will both agree to view together.)

After a bit I decided to get off my bum and go clean some dishes. We don’t have a washer, so taking time for hand-washing is where it’s at. It took me a while, but they were eventually all finished and I felt warm and fuzzy for making things a little cleaner.

(Also for rescuing and releasing the tiny gecko that was living under one of the bowls.)

Several hours later, after I’d totally forgotten about my mini victory over the boob tube, Hubs randomly walks up to me and says this:

“I just wanted acknowledge that you did all the dishes and I thank you very much for that.”

This was totally spontaneous, and it was AWESOME!

Dorky, I know: I love validation!



7 thoughts on “SWEET!”

  1. Aren't we lucky. We're related to some of the best male specimens in the world – husbands, fathers, grandfathers, brothers, sons and whatever.

  2. I have girl shows too! My boyfriend will sit down when I'm watching one, and I'll turn it off because I know he'll do nothing but make fun of them. Shows like Real Housewives, Project Runway and maybe The Real World (yes, I'm still obsessed with that show after all these years!).

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