Zee’s European Adventure

My sister (Zee) landed in Italy, recently. This is, generally, a wonderful thing, because it means she’s out of the frozen tundra and into the land of authentic gelatos and wine and handmade pasta.

The problem, currently, is that she’s very new to the area, and pretty much all alone. No one moved with her or anything. Part of her job means that she moves alone, rather than with a group. This, along with the complete lack of stuff, is really overwhelming.

Even people who love to move (hi!) often struggle with the initial adjustment. Often it’s not a matter of really wishing you were back wherever you were (again, frozen tundra = blech), but of just sorting and organizing all the many things that need adjusting NOW. It’s hard to tune down some stuff into manageable white noise when everything needs immediate attention.

When you move far away, you’re also often dealing with being surrounded by a bunch of people who have no idea who you are and don’t care about you in the least, beyond token professional courtesy. I touched on it a bit when I wrote about how common the notion of “loss” is in the military.

The end result is that even a generally wonderful thing can seem pretty craptacular during the first few weeks. So far, she’s been housed on the wrong side of town, been forgotten about on two separate occasions, been given a stick shift (out of practice) to drive around until her car arrives (sometime next month), been forced to drive without a license, and been attacked (in a manner of speaking) by some (adorable) feral European kittens…

I would just like to state for the record that, although my sister is pretty much hating life right now, I am LOVING her move. “Zee’s European Adventure” is only a few days old and she’s already on about the fifth chapter. Her life is going to make the most insanely incredible biography…

I’m in awe of the sheer determination she’s operating on, evidenced by her acceptance and dominance over a cranky manual transmission. Before that, she WALKED through the European countryside to someone’s house the other day, after finding herself without a means of transportation. She’s also managed to make three or four new friends in about twelve hours. She’s also already purchased and consumed: wine, gelato, handmade bread, some sort of preserve, and cannoli. This, and much more, fabulousness has been achieved in the span of ONE WEEK.

In short, my sister is Wonder Woman.

Dear sister: You’re incredible.

Dear readers: Be jealous of my awesome bloodline.



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