WTF Wednesday: No Pets?!

Kitty with ladybug cat-hat

Part 1: Don’t let my merciless taunting of our scroungy cat fool you; she really isn’t all that bad.

In fact, she’s so “not bad” that I categorically refuse to give her up OR banish her to the nether-regions that are the great-southwest-Texas-outdoors.

Plus, she looks really smashing in cheap cat costumes.

Kitty passed out on suitcase

Part 2: Our landlord might want to sell our house. Which is okay by us, because our gypsy selves are kind of itching for a move, anyway. Even if it’s a “mini-move,” across the street.

Kitty in Christmas tree

Part 3: Apparently, a BLANKET no pets policy exists here. I’m talking iron-clad.

Not even “name your price” works, which confounds me.

Not only does offering to pay extra for our nine pound, housetrained cat not work, it’s considered absurd by pretty much everyone I’ve talked to so far.

One lady laughed at me, then hung up on me, while still laughing.

Hubs and Kitty, Day One

I’m going to say I’ve talked to ten people in the last week, and only one of them has even considered the possibility of allowing pets. For a price.

The rest laugh.

Ha ha, Tejas. Very funny. Let me tell you something:

The cat will continue to win this battle, primarily because she does not laugh at us. Ever. Instead, she allows us the stress-relieving activity of laughing at her.

I think it was Francis Bacon who said, “A living creature which tolerates merciless taunting is worth its weight in gold.”

Which would put Kitty about about 172 thousand bucks.


5 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday: No Pets?!”

  1. My mom rents her house out and she always has renters because she allows pets. I guess it's really rare here too! Good for you for sticking with your kitty.

  2. You could just lie, after all you are paying for exclusive use of the building I am not sure why they can make such provisos. We had the gerbils in the bathroom and the snake in the top bedroom, and put them in the wardrobe if the landlord told us he was coming round for any reason. We have permission for the cat in our current house (but not for any of the other animals, a rat, a gerbil and two snakes), signed an extra contract saying we would make good any damage she might do to the house (carpet is a bit raggy by the living room door:-)
    good luck with the house hunt

  3. Wow… I've heard of no dogs but not even a cat?! for more money?! how weird!! (and speaking of weird…
    why is it
    'i before e,
    except after c,
    or when sounded as A
    as in weigh or in neigh'
    but weird is e before i?)
    Anyway. Hope you find a cat loving landlord.

  4. I live in a college town and have a hard time finding places that take a fully trained non shedding poodle. Umm excuse me? Pretty sure my pet makes twenty times less of a mess than a college dude!

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