An Ode to Diet Coke

(Super new note: I fixed it?)

(New note: It wasn’t me. Blogger is eating my comments. When I figure out how to fix it I will. Until then, your comments will sit, untouched, in the relative safety of the “awaiting moderation” tray.)

(NOte: I’m pretty sure I deleted the first wave of comments for this post. I don’t remember doing it, but I DO know that when I went back to read over them to make my day a little brighter, they were MISSING. I can only blame myself, and the fact that I only drank one Diet Coke today.)

Diet Coke, I love you so.
You make me laugh,
you make me “go.”

(photo by Beau B via Flickr – CC 2.0)

Delicious with a splash
of lime; you’re also good
when mixed with *wine.

I would drink you here, or there.
I would drink you anywhere.
I would drink you in a box, with a fox, or in a house with a mouse.

You’re ruining my teeth
and I’m pretty sure I’ll freak out
if I am ever medically directed to avoid you.

But, (artificially) sweet cola,
for now, it’s just you and me
dominating life.

At least between the hours of 6a and 2p.
After that you keep me awake at nights and I’m not a fan.

-rae (July 2010)

*It’s an Italian thing. Which I’m claiming, though I’m not “officially” Italian.


9 thoughts on “An Ode to Diet Coke”

  1. I loved the poem if not its subject (sorry).

    On the subject of Blogger and comments, Blogger is having a hissy fit at the moment. I've been having problems making comments on others' blogs and on my own. In fact I lost the first comment I made on this post.

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