Two Answers (Mexas-Themed)

My buddy over at Little Pink Houses recently posted some meme-like thing that’s just two simple questions.

I liked the questions. They’re not the usual “when was the last time you ate a spaghetti sandwich?” kind of questions. I feel the ones she posted were a bit more thinky.

(My wordsmithing skills are at an all-time high this week. I recently coined reunitation, which I may or may not elaborate on in some other post.)

Of course, I changed the questions to suit me (fortune-cookie-improvement style), which is how everything in the world should work…

(I’m not going to link to that fortune-cookie thing because it’s “inappropriate,” but it’s a fun game and you should investigate yourself, then try it next time you read a terrible fortune because the local Chinese restaurant buys the cookies with the cheap, generic fortunes. Haters.)

1) Name one thing you love which everyone else hates in Mexas.

HEAT! I love the heat. My fingers and toes never get cold, the sun is always shining. I can get a tan just by looking outside. Having come from a climate that gets fairly cold, I can say with authority that heat is merely uncomfortable, while cold is painful and miserable and sad.

(I don’t need any Midwesterners giving me grief about this. Live in NJ for a while and then tell me how glorious snow is. Because it’s NOT.)

I love heat with one qualification, and that is heat + low humidity. Apparently, the first two summers I was here (in Tejas) were full of drought, so humidity was abnormally low. So far this year, it’s hot AND humid, which I do not love quite as much. However, I have hope. As the summer progresses, I’m sure the humidity will back off, and allow me to enjoy the 115 degree (that’s 46C, my non-States friends) heat in peace.

2) Name one thing you hate which everyone else loves in Mexas.

Jokes. Here is a place which delights itself with jokes and jokes and jokes. Then more jokes. Or repeating an earlier joke five million times and laughing each time as if it’s new and original and just as hilarious as the first utterance. Practical jokes, teasing jokes, America’s-Funniest-Home-Video jokes, they are all greatly appreciated. The more obvious and slapstick the joke, the more uproariously everyone laughs.

I am not a fan of this version of humor. I thought I liked jokes, but I do not and I’ll tell you why. I like sarcasm and wit so dry it makes your lips pucker. My ideal joke is one I don’t even get until a half hour later, when the full import of what someone said slaps me silly with it’s hidden genius. This is the kind of humor I aspire to, and it’s the kind I appreciate in others. Unfortunately for me, it’s not welcome, here. If it’s even recognized, it’s mainly greeted with suspicion and (often) hurt feelings. Which does not make for seamless assimilation…

Although it does make for some good stories.

Fin. (Your turn.)


3 thoughts on “Two Answers (Mexas-Themed)”

  1. Sigh. I have a Southern SO who thinks tickling and pinching is hysterically funny. I haven't been able to change it in 52 years. There is no hope for us yankees!:(

  2. Maybe that's why my SIL hates me. He spent time in Chile and thinks my sarcasm sucks. He likes more “obvious” humor. Good for him. I wouldn't want to share anything with that jerk including a chuckle. I love the heat too. Today is to be 112. We have relatively low humidity, I think. All I know is it's HOT. (But oh-so better than COLD.

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