You Must Try These

If you are lucky enough to live in an area where mangonadas are offered, consider yourself… lucky. Very lucky.

After you are finished considering yourself extremely lucky, pony up the change that’ll gain you one of these suckers and get ready for deliciousness like you’ve never experienced it before. Sweet, tangy, spikey, salty, a little sour, and a lot more sweet, all stuffed into a delicious, cheap, plastic cup.

Then, prepare for the sugar coma.

Mangonada Recipe:

1 mango; peeled, sliced, mashed
sugar (or sugary juice)
1 lemon or lime
chili powder
chamoy sauce

Make sure the mango is good and mashed. Add some sugar. Pour mixture into a cheap plastic cup. Add a cheap plastic spoon (this comes in very handy later).

Freeze it solid. It’s delicious when it is an ice pop.

Pour some chamoy on it. Then pour some salt and chili powder on it. Then pour some more chamoy on it.

Wait 10 seconds until it melts enough to pull out of the cup with the spoon handle (see, I told you it’d come in handy) and then pour just a teensy bit more chamoy on it. Then add a teensy bit more salt. Or not, whatever.

Eat it, using the cup to both re-coat the pop with chamoy/chili/salty goodness, and also to store the cup-shaped-pop when you have to do stuff like steer your car or whatever.

Get home (at least parked in the driveway) before the sugar coma wrecks you.

(I did not make this, I purchased it. I just want to give you an idea of how much it should be coated with hot or salty powders and sauces before you eat it.)

For the slush version:

Fabulous illustration by Mademoiselle Cranky Pants (aka: Iveth Morales)
found at RecipeLook

Finally, as a disclaimer: I have no idea if these recipes work, since I’m one of the lucky ones because the nice man at Treviño’s Taco Stand (right outside the auto parts store) is glad to make them for me for a small fee.

But you should try making it (and tell me how it works out). Because no one should live a life without mangonada.


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