Fun With Multi-Lingualism (part eleventy nine)

For a while, here, I worked at a place that put me in regular contact with the general population.

On more than one occasion, I would happen upon a large family, in a large vehicle, stuffed to the brim with large, colorful toys and floats and sundries of all shapes and sizes.

When I would ask them where they were going, they would invariably tell me they were going to a party.

 (photo by Michael Francis McCarthy via Flickr – CC 2.0)

This makes a lot of sense. People have to travel to get to anything out here. It made sense to me that they would travel some extreme distance, with a ton of party gear, to get to a party. Perhaps a party with lawn sprinklers or a Slip’n’Slide?

Turns out, however, that they were not going to “a party.” They were going to Six Flags Fiesta Texas, a theme park in San Antonio.

(photo by jrandllc via Flickr – CC 2.0)

Fiesta means “party” in Spanish, you see. And why say “Six Flags Fiesta Texas Theme Park” when you can just say “Fiesta?”

The only person who isn’t going to understand what you mean is the English speaker who thinks you’re willing to drive all the way to San Antonio for someone’s lawn-sprinkler picnic.


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