True Blogger

After two and a half years and well over 400 posts, I am, this week, officially a blogger. You know how I know?

Because when I go to the wild, wooly tundra of northern U.S., and see buildings like this reproduction of a Norse church:

I immediately wonder what my bloggy, never-met-in-real-life friend DawnTreader (lives in Sweden) would think about it.

Ditto on the sculptures.


5 thoughts on “True Blogger”

  1. What's funny too, is sometimes, in talking to my wife, I just talk about screen names, like SeptemberMom, or Its-all-good. Some of our blogger friends have several names. Ain't it a kick? Oh yeah!

  2. Ha! What an honour. I guess I'd better come up with some thoughts, then! I'm afraid I haven't actually travelled much in Norway. I know the basic type of medeiveal wooden church – “stave church” – but I don't think I ever saw one with dragon heads on the roof. Had to resort to Google as usual… The original is found in Borgund, Norway.

    In Sweden it seems we have only one medeival stave church left. It is younger than the one in Borgund – and smaller – and no dragons on the roof. I've been to that one, actually; but not recently.

    The Viking sculpture seems to be up-to-date with modern theories, since his helmet is without horns.

    To get back to the topic of blogging… I can't hear Texas or Mexico (or South Jersey) mentioned without thinking of you either, Rae!

  3. I know what you are saying. I think about my blogger friends a lot too, and am grateful for their, albeit invisible, presence in my life.

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