I am a photographic prodigy.

We went to Corpus Christi this weekend (a town on the Gulf Coast), because Hubs was running in a ginormous marathon relay. We spent most of our time around Corpus Christi Bay (because most of the race happened around the bay).

When we first arrived at the bay, VERY early on Saturday morning (I’m talking 4:45 am), the sky was relatively clear, though dark. The stars were visible. It was breathtaking, as only the ocean can be. (Bays count as ocean; this is not up for discussion.)

As the sun slowly rose, a few clouds drifted in, breaking up the light into splashes of vibrant colors.

We sat on some steps and soaked it in. (I miss the ocean. Texas always LOOKS like the ocean is going to be right over the horizon, and it pretty much never is.)

Then, within a matter of seconds, the wind rose, and billowing clouds rolled in.

Soon, the bay was wrapped in a stifling cover of thick, ominous, heavy beasts.

And then they opened up and poured down for hours.

Which actually turned out to be a good thing because the rain cooled all the runners off and cleared up just at the three hour mark. Which meant everyone could watch the finish line without getting soaked. Also, it gave me some time to sit on a little beach and enjoy the little waves during “normal” hours.

Good weekend.


11 thoughts on “I am a photographic prodigy.”

  1. Nice pics, I like the ominous looking clouds. I like the text describing Texas, about the ocean just being over the horizon, but never is. Driving through Kansas once, I saw billowing clouds spread in all four directions to the horizon. You could see the curvature of the earth. To me… that's Kansas.

  2. Looking at those pictures I could almost smell the salty breeze and hear the wavelets swishing up on the sand. Wonderful!

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