Reasons Roswell Rocks

Two disclaimers: First, this is a post about a mini-vacay. Thus, it includes a lot of references to booze, because I find booze fascinating, especially when I don’t have to wake up for work the next morning. Second, my regular camera hates me these days. So I used my phone to take all these low-quality pictures. I’m just warning you.

Roswell, New Mexico, is a little city that is literally in the middle of nowhere. It’s claim to fame is that it is the site of a highly publicized (alleged) UFO crash. The town has embraced its theme (aliens) in a way that I have rarely seen of any town, outside of Hershey, PA.

It’s so quirky and weird it can’t help but be fun. I don’t know if I’d want to homestead, but I think I could definitely live in that town for a few years, soaking in all the weirdness. It’s a cool place. Here’s ten reasons why:

1. Hotels post prayers, actual prayers, on the doors of the hotel rooms. I just think that is so nice.

2. Chuck Norris is a syndicated columnist in their newspaper. (And, apparently, he writes columns in “trilogies.”)

I’m talking THE Chuck Norris. The guy whose tears cure cancer. (Too bad he never cries.)

3. Aliens have a myriad of roles here, including but not limited to local weatherman. They also welcome you to KFC and open accounts for you at the bank.

4. Random things are randomly ornate. I never felt so fancy while reaching for a flavored water as I did in Roswell.

5. You can fill your gas tank and buy a half-gallon of vodka in the same place! (Hard liquor is for sale at gas stations.)

6. Alien brewery.

7. Alien lamp-posts (What would my beloved C.S. Lewis say?)

8. Signs normally seen on the border, seen instead in upscale Chinese restaurants. (9. Upscale Chinese restaurants)

10. It’s rough, but it’s beautiful.

You should take the AirStream out there sometime.


8 thoughts on “Reasons Roswell Rocks”

  1. Why, I wonder, do aliens always look like that? Do all aliens come from the same alien planet? (Or the same kind of bottle?)

    One thing (among many) I like about C.S. Lewis: his aliens are different! 😉

  2. Oooo Roswell. I could get used to the ornate fridges in convenient stores.

    FYI Southern Maryland is another place you can buy hard liquor at the gas station. You can also buy a shot, in a drive through. Just thought you should know.

  3. Omg, I just love your blog too much. How can I not love a blog that brings Chuck Norris to my day?! ❤ haha! Aliens welcoming you to KFC? Fancy fridges? Alien booze? Book me a ticket! xo

  4. I doubt I ever make it to Roswell, so I thank you for the tour. It's quaint! Embrace your inner alien. I say use any excuse you can to drink. I'll drink to that! Thanks for the pictures.

  5. “Alleged”? If there's anything that movies have taught me it's that 1) yes they crashed, 2) until their alien masters come for them their technology won't work, and 3) the guy who played Data on Star Trek: TNG is the one in charge of studying these things (and is really crazy and blew his hair out).

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