Bat in House

Hubs got home from work oh-so-late recently. When I woke up oh-so-early to do my Rocky Run before brekky, I made sure not to wake him.

We live in an old house, with hardwood floors and doors that make a lot of racket when you close them. Thus, I closed the bedroom door but then left all others ajar as I did my morning routine, so as not to wake Hubs with unnecessary old-house racket.

As I stepped out of the shower, clean as a whistle, a surprise happened.

A thing flew into the little bathroom and circled around and around. The cat came thundering in after it, and crouched on the floor, caterwauling at whatever that creature was. I (admirably) froze without a sound, but I was confused.

I thought it was a bird. I wondered, “how did a bird get in here?!”

It was not a bird, I soon realized, it was a bat.

Bats inside (or nearby, circling) are weird things. I know they don’t really care about me AT ALL, but I can’t shake the irrational fear that “circling” will result in “bat tangled in hair.” This paranoia is in the same family as tiny killer sharks making their way into in-ground pools via the filter grates at the bottom…

Anyways, I calmed down, stood still, and waited for the bat to make an exit so I could dry myself in peace. It flew out of the bathroom shortly, cat galloping after it.

I took a few minutes to calm myself further, dry myself off, put some clothes on. Then I went and found a camera. My video camera was “in a safe place” (of course) so I grabbed the still camera, which has limited video functions, and switched it on.

The sounds are just effects I added in to make it more dramatic. Really, my bat made no sound. But I think we can all agree it’s better this way.

After getting some live footage, I found an empty wastebasket, waited for the ceiling fan to beat the bat into submission, then trapped the bat in the wastebasket and moved it outside, where it flew away.

The cat was very disappointed.

I did all of this so noiselessly that Hubs barely believed me. (In the bathroom?! Seriously?!)

Good thing I have video to prove it.


7 thoughts on “Bat in House”

  1. That's crazy Rae!!! I probably would have been screaming like crazy and my husband would have woken up with my screams! How brave you are: Wonder Woman!!!! 🙂 Feliz Cinco de Mayo 🙂

  2. My greatest fear in the world is bats! Don't tell me they don't have an interest in people. They go right for the hair, eyes, and nose. Believe me! We caught one in a fish net, left a cabin that was infested with dozens of them, and one “attacked” me while I was painting the eves of our house in Idaho. We have them in AZ too. They fly around at night and land in the tile shingles. My husband humors me and we call them “night swallows” but they are bad ass bats (I know that.) I just WANT to NOT acknowledge them. Thank you! That video will give me nightmares. You are soooo brave. I would have screamed bloody murder. I HATE BATS!!

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