Today Stinks

Guys, I’m having a crappy day.

I think it’s probably a combination of not having a huge, looming deadline (PAPER = DONE!!!!) and the fact that Hubs is off the grid. I’ve gotten spoiled; I see him every Sunday. No other day is a guarantee but usually I get Sundays. Not today.

Therefore, I am a Grumpy Gus. I spent the morning in an epic battle with the cheap lawn mower, then convincing myself it wouldn’t be a great idea to drive four hours “just to look around” at Ikea. Then I tried to think of someone I could call who would talk non-stop (no good, Cay is working today). Then I thought about baking something (always a winner) but, like a dumb-dumb, got bored and rolled out the scale first.


Currently I am watching Dr. Who. As soon as that’s done I’ll switch to video games. Dessert foods are in my near future. Who knows? I may even break out a package of Nabisco’s Famous Chocolate Wafers before the night’s through. I only have 10 boxes left…

Famous Chocolate Wafers, 9-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 12)

Tomorrow will be better, I promise.


9 thoughts on “Today Stinks”

  1. My wife and I are enjoying the new Dr. Who. Are you? (His new side-kick is good too: another strong woman character. Gotta love it.)

  2. I almost hopped on the bike like 3 times today to ride to Uvalde just to chat. Next time I'll go with my gut.

  3. Bummer! Pass those Nabisco cookies. Chocolate makes loneliness bearable. Did I miss the part about Hubs being gone all the time except Sunday? What does Hubs do? That must be sort of difficult for you now that deadlines no longer loom. Yes, on to tomorrow.

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