Shortest Story Ever

Today I’m writing a final paper. I should say trying to write a final paper, because I keep opening Blogger then FORCING myself to NOT write a new post (or seven) instead.

Nothing makes me as ambivalent about writing for fun as writing for business does.


11 thoughts on “Shortest Story Ever”

  1. Well I find writing blog posts is a perfect alternative to doing anything else I should be doing, writing related or not. I can't imagine how dedicated you must be to get on and actually write something that isn't blog related!

  2. Hope you are by now well on the way to having completed that paper!!

    I am avidly avoiding a long procrastinated task, by waiting for your photos of the Riverwalk to appear (slow connection). It sounds absolutely amazing, now need to see the pictures (and thus avoid this horrible task) 🙂

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