How I Spent My Post-Easter Vacation

This is the Riverwalk. If you’ve never been on it, you are missing out. It should immediately be added to your “places to see before I die” list, ahead of the Grand Canyon. Maybe it doesn’t look like all that much. But trust me. It IS all that much.

It’s a subterranean three mile stretch directly through the heart of downtown San Antonio, a meandering loop set one level BELOW the street. The backs of basements of huge hotels, major businesses, and office buildings all open into the Riverwalk. You can’t drive on the Riverwalk. you can only walk on naturally-shaped footpaths. As you do, you pass shops, bistros, markets, musicians, and TONS of water features, footbridges, and special little nooks and crannies.

Open-air flatboats drift up and down, filled with wondering tourists who are absorbing hundreds of historical facts from their guides. Ducklings paddle up, down, and across, going from slow to speedy as soon as they hear an approaching boat. Herons nest in trees and swoop gracefully across the water. Mariachis serenade diners with robust songs of love and passion.

I’m going to say it, this place is magical.

This is where we went this weekend, to meet Hubs’ family and spend a few days of quality time together. By day, the whole group of grandparents, siblings, and nieces and nephews strolled along. We shopped, we sight.. saw, we ate.

Oh my goodness, did we eat. The only thing better than good food is good food AND family to eat it with. And a beautiful place to “walk it off” when we’re through.

One night, me and Hubs stole his sister and her husband. We traversed the Riverwalk in search of a “good bar.” We found a little space with a guy on a piano, singing Billy Joel, Journey, and Bon Jovi, and everyone singing along. The all you could eat shelled peanuts, where you got to throw the shells on the floor, clinched the deal. Pretty much NOTHING better could have been had, so we sat down and stayed for a while.

No one fell into the river on our walk back to the hotel.

So I’d call the trip a complete win-win.


8 thoughts on “How I Spent My Post-Easter Vacation”

  1. What I really want to know is, did you visit the basement of the Alamo??

    Seriously though, both my sister who lives in Austin and my husband who was in San Antone for business said they absolutely loved the River Walk. I think next time we go to Austin for a visit, we will make a point of going to San Antonio for a night so we can check it out. it looks amazing!

  2. Such a nice place to play. When i was a youngster,(60's,late 50's), had an aunt that lived in San Antonio. My sister and I would play up and down the river. That was before '68 Hemisfair (world's fair) turned it into a tourist attraction. That was fun too.. thanks for the reminder.. may have to visit in a few months…

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